1. Have a solid art foundation and excellent hand-drawing ability. 2. Excellent mastery and creativity of various styles of characters, scenes, monsters, objects and UI design. 3. Interested in the art production of animation original drawings and game original drawings.

1. Use Maya, Max, ZB and other software. 2. Modeled the roles and scenes based on the desig 3.Hand-drawing experience in Korea and Japan or binding experience is preferred.

1. Have a solid foundation in animation and good animation production ability.
2. Complete the action according to the animation shooting and the instructions of the game action. 3. Use Maya, Max, Spine, etc.

Ensure that reward
Ensure a standard of living
To ensure that health
A system of regular study and promotion has been set up so that employees can get bonuses at the end of the year.

Unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, housing provident fund, and social security for employees.
In addition to snacks, there are birthday gifts, regular meals, wedding meals, drinks, etc., which everyone can enjoy.
At2 o 'clock every afternoon, everyone did aerobic exercises to relax the body after a long sitting. The company has badminton and table tennis facilities. In addition to work, you must exercise.
The socialecurity
Welfare health
The festivholiday
Members travel
Have legal leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, birthday leave and other happy leave.
Every year there are irregular trips, outdoor CS, picnics and other activities.
The body check
For the sake of peer health diagnosis, check the health status of all staff regularly. Early prevention of health risks.
Purchase accident insurance for qualified employees.
Buy health insurance for eligible partners.


3-6-4 kanda Samazaki, Chiyoda District, Tokyo,Japan

53F, Building A, Tiande Seaview City, Rizhao, China