Company name:Beetle Studio.LTD

Set up the timeMarch 17, 2011

Production personnel :85

TokyoStudio: 3-6-4 kanda Samazaki, Chiyoda District, Tokyo


Game production, animation and CG production, etc

contact  :   TEL: +86-189-6337-6866

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      Beetle Studio was founded in 2011 and has studios in Shanghai, China, and Tokyo, Japan. We have a team of 85 professionals specializing in the production of 3D game models and animations. In recent years, we have been involved in the development of several renowned games such as PUBG,  Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, and Perfect World.

Frequently asked questions

Q:   What is the software used?


Q:Can you start with 2D design??

A:From character design to production, of course, the Spine moves, 3D modeling, AND 3D moves can be produced throughout.

Q:Can I test it for free?

A: Yes, it's free to test.

Q:What is the delivery time?

A:Different times, different productions.。

Our excellent person in charge will manage the quality and delivery time according to the deadline required by the customer.

Q:Is there any problem with the confidentiality of the project?

A:First sign the NDA contract, please rest assured.

In addition, the company implements a 24-hour monitoring service, computer USB is also well managed.

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3-6-4 kanda Samazaki, Chiyoda District, Tokyo,Japan

53F, Building A, Tiande Seaview City, Rizhao, China