Company name:Beetle Studio.LTD

Set up the timeMarch 17, 2011

Production personnel :65

TokyoStudio: 3-6-4 kanda Samazaki, Chiyoda District, Tokyo


Business contentGame production, animation and CG production, etc

contact  :  TEL: 080-4168-7932

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We are a company that produces games, animations, game consoles, etc. Participated in the production of many games and movies, providing low-cost, high-quality 2D and 3DCG art. 2Dand 3DCG production will be handed over to "Beetle Studio"! High-spirited young people work hard every day to bring their dreams to everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Q:   What is the software used?


Q:Can you start with 2D design??

A:From character design to production, of course, the Spine moves, 3D modeling, AND 3D moves can be produced throughout.

Q:Can I test it for free?

A: Yes, it's free to test.

Q:What is the delivery time?

A:Different times, different productions.。

Our excellent person in charge will manage the quality and delivery time according to the deadline required by the customer.

Q:Is there any problem with the confidentiality of the project?

A:First sign the NDA contract, please rest assured.

In addition, the company implements a 24-hour monitoring service, computer USB is also well managed.

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3-6-4 kanda Samazaki, Chiyoda District, Tokyo,Japan

53F, Building A, Tiande Seaview City, Rizhao, China


Beetle Studio.LTD